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Want to be considered for the invite list? ...please send pictures of your tattoo work, vendor product or weblinks to steve@calgarytattoos.com


- No Tattoo Kit Suppliers permitted
- No Tattoo Studios offering classes  
- No Apprenctices or Jr. Artists permitted to tattoo at the Show.  Experienced Artists only (2years experience and up) - thank you!

Payment must accompany the application in order to be considered.


Please note we do not permit:

  • Tattoo Kit Suppliers 
  • Tattoo Studios offering classes
  • Apprenctices or Jr. Artists to tattoo at the Show
    (you must have 2 years of tattoo experience)
  • Tattoo booths to sell retail products, unless it is Shop merchandise
  • Payment must accompany the application in order to be considered

Once your application has been reviewed, you will receive a confirmation within 48hrs of your submission.

After acceptance, all Show information will be sent via email.
All Show information is additionally posted on the website. 

Artists will be listed on the website in order of registration. 
Please make sure any submitted images are of the artists work, not a headshot. 
Also ensure all images are clear and orientated correctly (ie: not sideways), as we do not have time to edit images. 

If you do not attach an image, show management will choose on from your social media. However, if you do not send a picture we can not guarantee placement. Management will not have time to change pictures on the website. 

Images are to be uploaded on the application below. Please include social links. 

All International Artists must pay an Immigration Fee (on application) to be registered for work in Canada at the Show.

We will assist with this process upon registration.

Immigration and work permit inquiries can be sent to steve@calgarytattoos.com

  • Draped table at front of booth for display items
  • Plastic covered table in back to work off of
  • Garbage cans and bags
  • Folding chairs (tattoo beds are not provided, but can be rented)
  • Power and power bars
  • Eikon device convention pack (all basic supplies needed to tattoo)
  • Nitrile gloves
  • Disposable wash bottle with sterile water
  • Sterile water for rinse cups
  • Rinse cups
  • Paper towel
  • Surface disinfectant
  • Release forms and aftercare sheets
  • Purklenz skin cleanser
  • Banner hooks
  • Disposable aprons
  • Use of ink station with eternal, silverback, industry & true colour.
  • Pictures of each artists work will be posted alphabetically, by first name.
    Images provided with the application will be used.
    Images will be posted as shops register.
  • If no image is provided, one may be selected from social media.
  • Please make sure any submitted images are of the artists work, not a headshot. 
  • Also ensure all images are clear and orientated correctly (ie: not sideways), as we do not have time to edit images. 

  •  Images posted on the facebook, instagram or tiktok are typically selected from each artists social media account. 


as of February 26, 2024


Please email terra@tlc-strategies.com

APRIL 19-21, 2024
EXPO Centre, Edmonton, AB

***You must fill out an application to reserve your booth.***
Either the pdf or online application below. 

You will receive a confirmation within 48hrs of applying - if you do not, you need to resend your application or contact us at terra@tlc-strategies.com

PLEASE NOTE: Apprentices are not permitted to work at the Festival. Experienced artists only. Thank you. 


*Save the PDF & email to terra@tlc-strategies.com 




ONLINE FORM BELOW    **please do NOT use Safari browsers

Payment Option: E-transfer  **50% payment required upon signing. 

Artists: Submit a photo of your WORK here: "Upload a Tattoo Picture for Artist 1". Please DO NOT submit a headshot. **JPEG or PNG only

Contact us at terra@tlc-strategies.com for booths over 6Artists. 
Thank you!

Email transfers to be sent to terra@tlc-strategies.com *Include your studio/shop name with your transfer

50% payment due upson signing.  

NOTE: You MUST select Etransfer to process.

even if you want to pay by credit card
Please only click Submit once! 

Visa/Mastercard - 4% surcharge applies
please request an invoice on your application
email us direct for credit card inquiries


 Booth payment DOES NOT guarantee booth space.

 We review each artist listed in the application and please note that apprentices are not permitted to tattoo at the show.

 Due to high demand, booth space requested may not be available.

Space will be allocated first come first serve. 

 We will review your application and send you a confirmation within 48 hours.

 For booths with more than 6 artists - please email terra@tlc-strategies.com for assistance. Thank-you!


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