If you have booked your booth space in the Edmonton Tattoo & Arts Festival, this is the page for you.
Here you will find all the information needed to ensure you have a successful event. 

If you are interested in exhibiting but haven't booked your space, please visit the Apply Page for booking information and booth application. 

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  • Wear a mask. Masks are mandatory for all attendees, artists, vendors and staff with no exceptions. 
  • All exhibitors are required to check-in daily for a Health Check upon arrival at the Show (temperature check and survey). 
  • Booth surfaces should be sanitized regularly. Use the 'wipe twice' method to clean and disinfect. Wipe surfaces with a cleaning agent to remove soil and wipe again with a disinfectant.  
  • For each 10x10 booth, it is recommended to have only one exhibitor. In the case of work or family cohorts, exceptions can be made with a maximum of two exhibitors per booth. 
  • No food or drink samples can be provided. 
  • Offer contact-less payment options, POS systems must be sanitized in between each transaction. It is recommended that gloves are worn when handling cash. 
  • If an attendee wants to handle a product, they must sanitize their hands before and after. 
  • Electronic and interactive displays that cannot be cleaned and sanitized between users should be operated exclusively by the exhibitor. 
  • It is recommended to reduce the number of items in your booth that will be handled by multiple people (ie. Writing pads, pens, clipboards).
  • Wash your hands, use hand sanitizing stations often and avoid touching your face.
  • Do not attend the event if you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, including cough, fever, shortness of breath, runny nose and sore throat. Quarantine is required if you have travelled internationally or come in close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the past 14 days.
  • Limited capacity to allow for social distancing throughout the event.
  • Touchless box office options.
  • Our team will be pre-screened daily and wearing PPE.
  • Hand sanitization stations at entrance and food areas. Please note food items at concessions will be limited. 
  • Increased sanitization protocols. Expo Centre procedures coming soon. 
  • Wider aisles, larger booths, and directional signage.
  • Signage, floor markings and verbal announcements to support physical distancing.
  • Physical distancing barriers/markers in between chairs & tables at the food area & stage.
  • Show Guide will be digital and available to access on a mobile device.
  • Tattoo Supplies: We are and have always been a disposable show. We supply our artists free of charge supplies to make your experience sterile and safe. For a full list of supplies please refer to: Artist Info & Guidelines / Show Supplies
  • Changes to Ink Station: Ink will no longer be available as help yourself, a volunteer wearing PPE will handle the ink bottles and provide assistance as needed. 
  • Work areas and equipment are wiped down with disinfectant between each client.
  • A disposable apron will be worn by your artist to prevent any cross-contamination.


Edmonton Expo Centre
Hall F&G

7515 - 188 Avenue NW
Edmonton, AB  T5B 4X5 
Ph: (780) 471-7377



Please ship all materials directly to the Show Facility address above, include:

  • The Edmonton Tattoo & Arts Festival
  • Location
  • Full Company Name
  • Booth #

Shipments will ONLY be accepted at the time of MOVE-IN. (date specific)

CUSTOMS & CARRIERS (Exhibit booths from outside Canada)

The official carrier and customs broker for this show is: North American Logistics Services Inc. (NALSI) Mark Fowler, Director of Operations Ph. 778-328-2841, Toll-Free 855-328-2841, Email mfowler@nalsi.com

Exhibit booths and equipment from outside Canada may be brought in for the purpose of the show only without payment of duty under standard procedure. Please consult with NALSI above.

September 10 - 12, 2021 

Friday 4pm - 12am 
Saturday 12pm - 10pm 
Sunday 12pm - 6pm 


Friday September 10th 9am - 4pm *Show opens at 4pm Friday!

  • Children (under 16) are NOT PERMITTED on the Show Floor during Move-in or out as per Safety Regulations. 
  • Security guards will be posted
  • Exhibitors may enter the exhibit hall through the back loading door 2 hours prior to Show opening on regular event days. Please note: Exhibitors must enter through the exhibitor entrance at the back of the Edmonton Expo Centre daily to complete their Health Check each day. 




Sunday September 12th at Show Close. 6pm - Midnight

  • The Hall needs to be cleared out by 12 Midnight Sunday after the Show closes.
  • Product left behind is at the risk of the exhibitor and the facility may charge a handling/storage fee.
  • As of 12:01am any exhibit materials & skids left behind will not be the responsibility of Show Management
  • Early move out will NOT be tolerated: Removal or dismantling of exhibits or exhibit materials will not be permitted before Show Close at 6pm Sunday.
  • Exhibitor Badges are generic, labelled with "Exhibitor" or "Artist", not company name, or individual name. 
  • Badges will be provided when you check-in at the Show Office desk, are required to gain access to the Show, and must be worn at all times. 
  • Please have only one company/shop representative register and pick up your badges.
  • Exhibitor Badges are for booth personnel ONLY
  • Maximum 2 Artist/Exhibitor passes per 10x10. 


**Electrical is included in all Artist Booths
Vendor: If power is required please order through the ShowTech Order Form online:


Artists and Vendors must make their own arrangements for the internet directly through the Freeman. Please complete the order form and submit to simon.hollington-sawyer@freeman.com


Parking can be purchased online in advance HERE (its a showpass link).  

Artists and Exhibitors who do not pre-purchase parking are able to buy passes at the Information Booth located in the Expo Centre. Exhibitor parking passes are only for sale until the end of the first Show day.

The official Show contractor is Alberta Bound Productions.
We are responsible for: furniture rentals (tables, chairs etc), draping, and on-site labour.

  • ARTISTS: 2 8ft tables, 2 chairs and supplies are included with your booth
  • VENDORS: 1 8ft table, 2 chairs

For additional requirements see the Equipment Order Form.
Extra charges will apply to any on-site orders.

There are a limited number of massage tables available. To ensure you receive a table please rent in advance. Massage table rental can be found on the Equipment Order Form.

Note: Exhibitors are responsible for any damage to equipment rented and will be charged accordingly (i.e: broken tables, brokes chairs etc.)


  • Security guards will be on-site 24-hours a day and in the building during the hours of move-in, show hours and move-out.
  • Show Management cannot assume any responsibility for losses incurred from pilfering or any other causes.
  • While Show Management will take all reasonable security measures to safeguard small items, the removal of such items daily will minimize the possibility of loss from pilferage.


Show Management, Edmonton Tattoo & Arts Festival, Edmonton Expo Centre, and the City of Edmonton, will not be responsible for injury to persons, loss or damage of products, exhibits, equipment or decorations by fire, accident, theft or any other cause while in the show building or its environs.

ALBERTA BOUND PRODUCTIONS recommends all exhibitors have a $2,000,000 minimum in liability insurance and have proof of insurance. To secure proof of insurance simply phone your insurance provider and ask for a certificate naming: Alberta Bound Productions, the Show name, current facility and city of the Show. There should be no additional cost from your insurance provider for this service. 
NOTE: This is an official request. If proof of insurance is not supplied, Alberta Bound Productions. will not be held liable. For more information, please refer to the Insurance & Indemnity clause on our Terms and Conditions sent with the application.

Booth Restrictions: 

  • Booths may reach a maximum of 8’ in height, and may not restrict sight lines (i.e. block) another exhibitor.
  • All booths will be supplied with 8' high draping at the back and 3' hight on the sides.
  • Each 10x10 booth will be spaced out 6 feet apart from the next booth. 
  • Changes in the standard draping are at the exhibitor’s expense.
  • Nothing is to be pinned or stapled to the drape – “S” hooks are available from exhibitor check-in.
  • Painting, nailing, drilling, or screwing to the floor, walls or any part of the building is not permitted except by prior written approval of both Show Management and Building Management.

Fire Regulations: 

  • Any booth with a tent or canopy MUST have a permanently attached label indication conformance to CAN/ULC-S109, "Flame Tents of Flame-Resistant Fabrics and Films"
    American, European, or another standard certification will NOT be sufficient.
  • If this is not provided, the fire marshal will have you remove your tent/canopy from the Show. 

Signs & Banners

  • All booth signage and banners are to be professionally made and fit in the confines of your booth. Booth signage cannot block other exhibits. Arrangements can be made through the facility to hang your banners from the ceiling (for a fee).
  • All banner hanging must be done before the aisle carpet is put down.

Any banners or signage deemed inappropriate by show management will be removed and any cost associated with the removal would be charged back to the exhibitor

Forklift Service

  • Forklift Service is available on a first-come, first-served basis to offload/load shipments and stock.
  • The forklift is ONLY available during move in and out.
  • Unusually large or time-consuming loads (i.e. hot tubs), need to be scheduled in advance. Please contact us direct.

Email Scams:
The Edmonton Tattoo & Arts Festival has been targeted in the past by companies claiming to have access to the attendee list.

THIS IS FALSE INFORMATION – NOTE: Your information was not and will not be sold or provided, they obtain contact information online (ie: scraping our exhibitor listings or visiting your website) 

Hotel Scams:
The Edmonton Tattoo & Arts Festival has been targeted by companies claiming to be the official hotel. There is NO official hotel connected to the 2021 Edmonton Tattoo & Arts Festival. 

All artists and exhibitors will be added to the Online Exhibitor list upon application confirmation. Web listings are updated once a week.  
Company Name and Website Link is added from the information on the application.

Please contact terra@albertatattooshows.com for any changes. 

Due to COVID-19, complimentary admit one tickets will NOT be provided to Artists or Exhibitors. 

Tickets are available for purchase online here 

Special offer for clients, friends & family, save $5 with promo code: TATTOOSHOW21

  • Adult Day Pass $25.00
  • Adult Weekend Pass (3 day): $50.00
  • Children 12 and under: Free


Most supplies needed for tattooing procedures will be available at the show at no charge. Each artist will be supplied with an Eikon pack which contains most of the supplies needed to tattoo.

  • Each booth will have two chairs, a skirted front display table and a plastic-covered table from which to work and two garbage cans.
  • Due to health board rules, all tattoo artists must use the products supplied by the show.
  • Please do not bring your Nalgene bottles to the show as we have disposable bottles supplied.

Below is a list of things available at the show free of charge to make your packing much lighter:

  • Nitrile gloves
  • Clipcord covers
  • Machine bags
  • Bottle bags
  • Disposable squirt bottles
  • Paper towels
  • Disposable razors
  • Bandages
  • Tape
  • Ink caps
  • PurTect antibacterial petroleum product
  • Elastic bands
  • Sterile water for rinsing
  • Disposable aprons
  • Disinfectant surface wipes
  • Hand gel (for use during tattoo procedures and stencil removal)
  • Handwashing sinks
  • Stencil stuff (for stencil application)
  • PurKlenz (for skin cleansing & wash bottle soap)
  • Garbage cans & bags (you are responsible for emptying and changing)
  • Thermofax machines
  • Thermofax paper
  • Photocopiers
  • Light tables

We will be discontinuing our needle/tube station. With the request for so many different needle types and the increased use of cartridges, it makes it unpractical to continue. Please bring enough needles, tubes and or cartridges for your weekend at the show. There will be needles tubes and cartridges for sale by several tattoo vendors at the show.

We are an all disposable show.

There will be a complimentary ink station set up for all artists. Our ink station will have 2 sets of Eternal Ink, Dermaglo Ink and Silverback Black sets for each artist to use.  Ink is dispensed at the station on a paper plate, covered with a second plate and taken back to the booth for use. 

All show rules must be followed by attending artists regardless of personal opinions on tattoo procedures.

  • Wear a mask. Masks are mandatory no exceptions.
  • Health board inspectors will be at the show all weekend ensuring artists comply with all rules.
  • Health board inspectors will give one warning to artists breaking rules and will shut down booths that do not comply.
  • Exhibitors are responsible for their own waste collection and removal.
  • All artists must wash hands at supplied sinks before and after tattoo procedures.
  • All artists must use supplied hand gels when de-gloving during tattoo procedures.
  • No eating or drinking in the booth area.
  • Artists must use supplied disposable wash bottles for tattoo procedures. No spray bottles or squirt bottles brought with you will be allowed to be used.
  • No smoking in the convention hall.
  • Artists must use supplied bandages to bandage tattoos. No saran wrap allowed.
  • Work areas and equipment must be wiped down with disinfectant between each client.
  • All needles must be single-use and 100% disposable (including bars).
  • All tubes must be disposable. There is no sterilization booth available at the show
  • No body piercing allowed at the show other than the one approved booth.
  • All tattooists must wear disposable aprons while working.
  • All equipment must be barrier wrapped including power supply, machines, clipcord and wash bottle.
  • No personal music allowed at the show as it is a distraction to others. There will be overhead music provided.
  • All gloves must be Nitrile or PVC during tattoo procedures. No latex gloves allowed. Nitrile gloves will be supplied.
  • Release forms must be filled out by each client at the ink station. Aftercare sheets will be given out to each client at the ink station also.
  • No tattooing anyone under the age of 18 years regardless of parental consent.
  • No fresh tattoos wandering the hall or in public washrooms…fresh tattoos must be barrier wrapped with a dental bib or bandaged.
  • Only two individuals permitted in one 10x10 booth at one time (ie: artist & client). *Please note this does not include clients/attendees.
  • Only registered and approved tattooists allowed to tattoo in the booths.
  • Digital portfolios are recommended to reduce material handling


Only fill out the first 2-sections of page 1. All other info has been submitted by the Show. 
Email to: Thomas.cheung@albertahealthservices.ca


  • Alberta Health Vendor Notification Form must be submitted to: 
  • If electrical is required, please ensure you have ordered sufficient power for the number of appliances to be plugged in.


General Character and/or Company slights, abuse of any Tattoo Show Staff or insults of any kind will not be tolerated.  Any exhibitor responsible will have their exhibit space cancelled (non-refundable) from the Show. 

Will Call lists will no longer be accepted during the show. Thank you for your cooperation!

Please note The Edmonton Tattoo & Arts Festival and Alberta Bound Productions accept no liability or responsibility in theft or injury, at or as a result of any seminar or stage act, presentation or performance. 

Soliciting of business and/or distribution of samples and souvenirs will not be permitted in the aisles, the parking lots or in another exhibitor’s booth, but must be confined to the exhibitor’s own space.

  • Alcohol is strictly not permitted at your booth. Any Exhibitor caught with outside liquor will be asked to leave the premises.
  • Please note nudity is prohibited by the facility.
  • Please ensure patrons are covered accordingly. 

Show Management is committed to creating a safe environment for all attendees, exhibitors, artists, performs and staff. All cases are dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Limits can be violated deliberately, or through poor communication, misunderstandings, technical accidents, lack of knowledge, or/or lack of experience. If you experience or witness any sexual harassment, verbal/physical abuse, harassment or bullying, please contact Show Management. 

It is important that you all have a successful Show.
If you need us at anytime, please visit the Show Office or look for our Show Staff on the exhibit floor. 

The health and safety of our exhibitors, attendees and team are of paramount importance, and we appreciate your ongoing support and understanding.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns 
Email: terra@albertatattooshows.com



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