1. All show rules must be followed by attending artists regardless of your personal opinions on tattoo procedures.
  2. Health board inspectors will be at the show all weekend ensuring artists comply with all rules.
  3. Health board inspectors will be giving one warning to artists breaking rules and will shut down booths that do not comply.
  4. All artists must wash hands at supplied sinks before and after tattoo procedures.
  5. Please do not pour anything down the portable sink units.
  6. New code of conduct rules will need to be signed by each studio upon check in.
  7. No political banners, flags or signs permitted at the show.
  8. All artists must use supplied hand gels when degloving during tattoo   procedures.
  9. No eating or drinking in the booth area.
  10. Artists must use supplied disposable wash bottles for tattoo procedures. 
      No spray bottles or squirt bottles brought with you will be allowed to be used. 
      You can purchase new wash bottles from tattoo suppliers if absolutely necessary.
  11. No smoking or vaping in convention hall.
  12. Artists must use supplied bandages to bandage tattoos. 
      No saran wrap allowed.
  13. All needles/cartridges and tubes/grips must be single use and 100%   disposable.
  14. No body piercing allowed at the show other than the approved booths.
  15. All equipment must be barrier wrapped including power supply, machines, clipcord and wash bottle.
  16. No personal music allowed at the show as it is a distraction to others. 
      There will be overhead music provided.
  17. All gloves must be Nitrile or PVC during tattoo procedures.
      No latex gloves allowed.
  18. Release forms must be filled out by each client at the ink station. 
      Aftercare sheets will be given out to each client at the ink station also.
  19. All artists must keep paper tags off needles and tubes and tape them to forms supplied at the show.  Clients names must be recorded next to the corresponding tags. 
    This is to keep track of proof that sterile needles were used if an infection is reported.  This is to protect you the tattoo artist.
  20. No tattooing anyone under the age of 18 years regardless of parental consent.
  21. No fresh tattoos wandering the hall or in public washrooms…fresh tattoos must be barrier wrapped with a dental bib or bandaged.
  22. Only two tattoo artists are allowed to tattoo in each 10 x 15 booth at a time.
  23. Only registered and approved tattooists allowed to tattoo in the booths.

 Thank you for supporting The Calgary Tattoo & Arts Festival


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